WHAT IS YOUR EXPERIENCE?     I began doing photography in the 1980s, started selling my work in two different galleries while in college in the 1990s and started shooting full time and earning my entire living from photography in 2015.  In all of that time I have photographed landscapes, wildlife, real estate and architecture, portraits, pets, sports, corporate events, parties, weddings, editorial work and various commissioned projects.

WHAT KIND OF PHOTOGRAPHY DO YOU SPECIALIZE IN TODAY?     I specialize in being a generalist.  This keeps things interesting and makes me extremely flexible and adaptable to all sorts of situations.  Another way to look at it is that I am a photographer of nouns ..... people, places and things.  During 2017/18 I have spent most of my time photographing real estate and architecture, weddings. family portraits, corporate headshots, sports and pets.  I take on most projects but if there is something that I am either not comfortable with or not familiar with I can recommend other photographers that can help you.

DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS?     Yes I do.  I occasionally do pro bono work for select non profits.  I also offer a 25% discount for teachers, nurses, first responders and all military including active duty, retired and reservists.  

WHAT KIND OF EQUIPMENT DO YOU HAVE?     I have always been a Nikon shooter.  I invest in the equipment that I need to deliver to my clients the end product they expect from a professional photographer.  I also have a portable studio I use for formal portraits and corporate headshots at your location.

WHAT DO YOU CHARGE?     I have a minimum fee of $100.  After that I do not use a specific pricing structure because every client and every assignment varies from the last one.  The cost of a shoot is customized to meet your needs as well as your budget.  You simply pay for the time needed for your project.  I do not charge sitting fees or have any other hidden costs.  I do not sell prints, photo albums or other extras, however, I can certainly help you find what you're looking for if needed.  

HOW DO I HIRE YOU?     Simply call, text or send me an email.  I would love to hear what your needs and expectations are and we can discuss how best to achieve your vision through my work.